Ron's Editor is a useful CSV file editor. It is able to open any format of separated text, including the standard comma and tab separated files (CSV and TSV), and can totally control over their structure and content. It's been labelled the 'Ultimate CSV Editor' because of the numerous editing options, coupled with the speed and power that is needed to handle lots of files easily. In addition to the features like sorting, cleaning as well as manipulating spreadsheet data, the application can help you to manage your product portfolio's or your contact lists, summarize or just filter your information an convert different formats from one to another.
Main features are:
• Flexible export capabilities.
• Any tabular text format loading.
• Text format management support.
• You can easily redact the structure of a document.
• The application has a lot powerful and developed editing functions.
• There are many different visual helpers.
Ron's editor is the full alternative to Excel for many people. Auto formatting is not integrated within the app, like Excel, so it doesn't interrupt the workflow with errors. To sum up, the app is wrapped into the clean and intuitive interface that is user-friendly and quite easy to navigate. Ron's editor has been designed to fully support standard windows editing, so that everyone (especially Excel users) will understand the functions that it has. If you need to clean data, edit a CSV file, merge and convert formats or just want to read CSV files, you should not pass by this app.

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Július Farkašovský, 28.03.2018

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